Tumbler In Handle & Simple Flip Straw
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Tumbler In Handle Simple Flip Straw

Best Of Tumbler In Handle Simple Straw:

First, let me say that I have a tumbler problem and should probably seek help. Tumbler.

About the cup itself Use:

As soon as my husband saw the navy one he asked if he could have one. I hope Amazon gets more colors in stock.

Thermal properties On:
Obviously if you have the straw flipped up it will be less insulating.

Durability For Online:
As far as the paint, it’s high quality powder coat with a logo that is subtle. I encourage them to contact the manufacturer for a replacement.

Design Here Tumbler:
The color match on all components is perfect, unlike some other brands.

It really IS leakproof, as my little video demonstrates.

Although I didn’t even realize it when I ordered, there a rubber bottom (also perfectly color matched, I might add) so it’s really grippy and stable on flat surfaces.

All in all it’s currently the most impressive of my embarrassingly large collection based solely on

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